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EOS Network Monitor.io

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Network Status

All information comes from querying PUBLIC nodes. Block producing nodes are usually hidden.

# Name Answered Block Produced Block Address HTTP P2P Version Location Blocks TXs Organisation Votes
# Name Answered Block Produced Block Address HTTP P2P Version Blocks TXs Organisation Location

Non producing Nodes

# Name Answered Block Address HTTP P2P Version Agent Name Location
# who action Data


EOS Network Monitor is a tool to check EOS public endpoints and show general info.
It shows all registerd producers and ftech info about endpoints from bp.json file.
The monitor checks only the first 60 producer's public endpoints and does not necessarily represent the state of hidden production nodes.

TPS = Transaction per second
APS = Actions in transaction per second

Colors Legend

     - producing right now.

     - No response from public API endpoint. (Does not necessarily mean that producers node is down.)

     - Other version
Version information is obtained from querying public nodes. Block producing nodes are usually hidden.
There may be legitimate reasons for "off version" public nodes, like sidestepping a known bug, but these are rare.

     - Unsynced.
This does NOT necessarily mean there's a fork or a difference in consensus. It could be that the node is resynchronizing and will soon by synced again

     - err bp.json **
BPs marked in grey have incorrect or missing bp.json file. We do a period check. Also, we're only checking the top 60. More info

NOTE 1: Many BPs use some load balancer with many nodes behind it. For this reason, even subsequent querries sometimes return different information.

NOTE 2: We pull the list of node producers from `cleos system list producers`. We do this every several seconds.

2018, Created by CryptoLions.io | GitHub v0.5.7

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